Master in Microelectronics Technology and Manufacturing Management : Your path to success
Semiconductor Devices and Technologies, Development of integrated circuits

Master in Microelectronics Technology and Manufacturing Management

Acquire a real experience in Microelectronics field & be operational quickly


Since 1999, the Master in Microelectronics Technology and Manufacturing Management has welcomed more than 150 engineers coming from 22 different countries. This unique program in Europe has been designed by both industrial experts and academics in order to answer the emerging demand of the Microelectronics industry. Managed by one of the most renowned french engineers school L'ecole des Mines de saint Etienne and strongly supported by STMicroelectronics, this postgraduate program is entirely taught in english and thus open to international students.



  • VERY IMPORTANT: the MS TMPM program will eventually not open this year. We are currently working on a new version of the program that will be launched soon.
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Klaus Rischmuller

President of Master in Microelectronics administration council

    "For the past ten years, the specialised Master’s has constantly adapted and anticipated the rapid evolution of the subjects, the methods and technologies within the microelectronics industry."

Klaus RischmullerOur Postgraduate program in Microelectronics, will soon have been in existence for ten years. Its form, its teaching methods and its contents are continually being adapted to changes within the profession and different technologies...



Our postgraduate program is composed of 2 main parts :

- Fundamentals & applications

- Internship in industry

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